QuickBooks Set-Up

  • Need help setting it up? I can do it.
  • Need help getting the numbers to make sense? I can help.
  • Need to get the balances corrected once and for all? I can do that too!

I am not a certified Quickbooks representative because I don’t want to pay them $750 per year for the designation!   That’s all the designation means.

I am also not a fan of QuickBooks for a couple of reasons.

  1. QuickBooks was not started as a software for businesses. It was started as Quicken with the intention of organizing your personal information.  Over the years, Intuit has added parts to Quicken to birth QuickBooks. And through mass advertising and under pricing their competitors for many years, they have become the #1 selling business software. Note: I said best selling NOT best performing.
  2. The CEO of Intuit is on public record stating that Intuit’s goal is to drive all accountants out of business.

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