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Are you one of the tax payers who squints one eye and closes the other one when your tax preparer opens your completed tax return? It can be nerve racking not knowing where you stand until you get your tax return prepared.

John S. Curtin, CPA has over 40 years of experience in preparing both business taxes and individual federal and state taxes. We take the guessing out of what your return will be for our Accounting Clients and can assist you in tax planning as well as preparation.

We are a full service tax office. We not only prepare tax returns, we also provide prepare state and local property tax needed to file with the state of Maryland, property tax and unemployment taxes.

Taxes are not just a once a year

During the year, tax questions do arise and preparation and planning should be a part of your personal and business planning. Should you have any questions that come or any tax issues or tax concerns, we make ourselves readily available to speak with you on the phone. Knowing you are never alone when it comes to your tax liabilities will give you peace of mind.

June and July are a natural half-way point in the year to do a check on where you are for the year and forecast the balance of the year’s income and profits so preparations and adjustments can be made. This is a best practice when it comes to managing your personal income, tax deductions and your business income and expenses.

Time to fix the leaky holes in your business

It’s also a time to consider if your business would benefit by using our Business Consulting System, which can help you fix the leaky holes in your business, decrease expenses and increase your business profits.

We give all our client’s personal and business tax needs our utmost attention taking our time to make sure all the t’s are crossed and all the i’s dotted. Because of this, we also want to make sure our clients are a fit for our firm. By taking the time to discuss your tax needs at a complimentary conference, we can ascertain your needs and to tell if we are the very best fit for your needs. We look forward to speaking with you. Make an introductory appointment and spend a half-hour with use. Come April 15, you will be able to keep both eyes open when opening your return and knowing there will be no surprises in store for you on your tax returns.  Keep the surprises for birthday parties.

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