Financial Statement Preparation

Need financial statements for your bank or other purpose?

We prepare Compilations, Reviews and Audits.

We will always propose the lowest cost service for your needs. We simply will not do an audit (most expensive) if a review (second most expensive) is all that is necessary and quite frankly I prefer to do compilations (least expensive) when ever possible. What most people do not realize is that the numbers will be the same no matter if you have done an audit, a review or a compilation. The difference is in the amount of time the CPA puts into the job and the degree of assurance he is giving with the numbers. If they are the same numbers why should you pay me extra money to prepare an audited financial when a compiled financial is all you need.

In many cases, you can get what you need with a compilation – sometimes you need a review. And only VERY rarely do you need audited financial statements.

My current peer review report is available upon request.   CPA’s in Maryland who issue financial statements are required to hire an outside CPA firm to review a sampling of financial statements they have issued every three years. The CPA firms doing this must be approved by the Maryland Association of CPA’s.   Additionally the reviewing firm must issue a report and have it approved by the Maryland Association of CPA’s.

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