While the summer season is all about relaxation and fun adventures, it’s also time to prepare for the future. Since you may have a little extra downtime during the summer, it’s the perfect opportunity to get some things in order for next year’s taxes. At John Curtin, CPA Chartered, we believe there’s no time like the present for you to take charge of your financial future. This includes making adjustments to your tax withholding for next year. Follow this advice from our Ellicott City, MD tax services department:

  • Have you had any big life changes since April? – If you’ve made any major life changes since you filed your taxes in April, such as getting married or having a baby, now’s the time to change your withholding. By making the change now, you’ll be able to take partial advantage of this benefit on your 2016 tax returns. Call us today for advice on individual tax preparation if you’ve already had a major life change or have one coming up.
  • Did you have a large tax bill or refund? – You might need to think about readjusting your withholding if you ended up with a either a refund or a large bill when you filed your taxes in April. Fill out a W-4 form or call us for tax services. We’ll help you determine what you need to withhold so you’ll be prepared when the next tax season comes along.

Take advantage of these last few months of the summer season by reviewing your tax withholding and you’ll ease the stress of next year’s tax season. If you’re looking for professional tax services and assistance with tax planning, John Curtin, CPA Chartered can help. Contact our Ellicott City, MD office today to learn more or to schedule an appointment. We offer tax advice you can trust.