If you haven’t filed your taxes yet, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that approximately one-third of Americans wait until April to file. When you get down to the last minute, you may be tempted to take care of the paperwork yourself rather than trying to get an appointment with a CPA like John S. Curtin. For most people, that means using tax preparation software. However, it’s not always as easy as it seems. Read on for three reasons why you shouldn’t use tax preparation software.

  1. It takes time. Did you know that going to a tax professional takes around one-sixth of the time of using DIY tax software? That’s according to estimates from the Internal Revenue Service. Your time is valuable. Is it worth it to spend that many hours on a task that someone else could take care of for you?
  2. You may miss deductions. Tax software is a one-size-fits-all solution. It doesn’t know you or your financial history. A tax professional does. John S. Curtin, CPA Chartered takes the time to get to know his clients. He’ll be able to deliver personalized advice and identify deductions that you may be able to take advantage of.
  3. A tax preparation professional will stand behind you. If you should run into a problem with your taxes, your tax preparer will be there to assist you. They’ll take responsibility if an error was made. If you’re selected for an audit, they’ll help you navigate the process.

As you can see, that free or low-cost tax software isn’t the deal it appears to be. Professional tax preparation is always your best bet. John S. Curtin, CPA Chartered wants to help you get the most from your tax return. We’re here to help individuals and businesses with their 2016 taxes, as well as a variety of other services through the year. Call our Ellicott City, MD office to make an appointment.