Having a tax adviser, counselor, or bookkeeper is essential for any business wishing to function well while growing and making a profit. But in order to really get ahead in the business world, you need a Certified Public Accountant. You may be wondering in what ways CPAs are beneficial to small businesses. At John S. Curtin, CPA Chartered, we’ve gathered a list of reasons why you should look for these professionals to help your small business in the greater Baltimore area today:

Tax laws and financial analysis: Understanding tax laws and codes are a major part of the examination process that’s required to become a CPA. A quality certified public accountant will stay updated on the tax code by taking refresher courses every year. A business CPA can also help your company by performing analyses and giving advice on finances.

IRS support and guidance: CPAs can represent your business in case of an IRS audit. Your everyday accountant or bookkeeper typically cannot. A CPA will know your taxes and financial situation backwards and forwards. With that much understanding of your business, they’ll be your best representative should you get called for an audit.

No mere accountant: CPAs offer more than your average accountant when it comes to training and expertise. They have licenses for their practice, which an everyday accountant does not. Even after a CPA earns their license, they have to continue to learn and keep up with education requirements. By comparision, accountants and bookkeepers have fewer services they can provide.

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