As a small business owner, filing business taxes can be a chore you’d rather not deal with. But deal with it you must! However, you don’t have to handle this task alone. Hiring a CPA for your small business taxes is one of the best moves you can make. The office of John S. Curtin, CPA Chartered wants to help. Here’s our step-by-step guide on the best way to tackle your business taxes in the Ellicott City, MD area:

  1. Gather together your records – The first thing that a CPA will ask for is your business’s financial records. Gather any forms and receipts that may be needed for your taxes. Don’t be afraid to ask your accounting firm for instruction on how to organize these papers.
  2. Determining the correct form – Filing the correct tax forms is the difference between smooth sailing and major headaches. If you try to file your small business taxes yourself, you could make mistakes that are very costly for your company. Working with an accountant who specializes in business tax preparation takes away the guesswork.
  3. Filling out the forms – Filling out the tax forms themselves can be both time consuming and frustrating. A CPA will take care of this for you.
  4. Keeping up with deadlines – Tax deadlines are the most important thing you need to remember. If you’re confused about when you should file your business taxes, call us and let us help.

Do you need an experienced CPA to help you with your small business taxes in Ellicott City, MD? Contact John S. Curtin, CPA Chartered to schedule a consultation for your LLC, partnership, or other type of business. Our professional services are accurate, reliable, and designed to help you make the most of every financial decision. Let us help you get everything in order so you can be stress-free at tax time!