Social security is more than a retirement fund.  There are additional benefits you, your spouse and children could receive depending upon your situation.

  • Retirement benefit for yourself.
  • Retirement benefit based on your  account for my spouse, if married at least 10 years,
  • Disability benefit for yourself at any age you may become disabled.
  • Disability benefit for your spouse as early as age 50 if married for at least 10 years and you are not deceased,
  • Income benefits for your children under age 18 if I am deceased, disabled or receiving retirement benefits,
  • Income benefits for your spouse if you have a child in your home under age 16 and you are deceased, disabled or drawing retirement benefits,
  • Lifetime medical benefits for yourself at age 65 or earlier if disabled,
  • Lifetime medical benefits for your spouse at age 65 or earlier if disabled.
  • Income for your dependent parents if you are deceased, disabled or retired,
  • Death benefit for your spouse upon your death.

Social Security has benefit calculators you can use to determine your retirement benefits, disability benefits, earnings test and more.