In March, 2010, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act. One provision of the Act required that in 2014 all Americans must have qualified health insurance or face a “Shared Responsibility Payment” more commonly known as the Health Care Penalty. A lesser known amendment to the Act allowed insurance providers and large employers a one-year delay in reporting the coverage in 2014 to both the IRS and to the Taxpayer because rules had not been established by the IRS to allow timely and correct reporting. This delay effectively rendered the Health Care penalty a voluntary oral reporting item for 2014 in many cases. In order to remind you of the rules and to protect us both from future IRS liability in the event of an audit, we require all individual taxpayers for 2014 to positively affirm the following items related to Health Care.

Please download the ACA Requirement Letter, initial each item and sign the bottom of the affirmation attached

word_smallACA Addendum Letter