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IRS Representation Tax Audit

IRS Audit

No matter how comprehensive your tax preparation and planning, accounting and bookkeeping regimen, you may still receive an IRS Audit letter in the mail. Whether the IRS found something that it wants to question, or you’re just the unlucky winner of the random audit lottery, audits are serious business.

An IRS audit starts by requiring you to dig up piles and piles of information to justify everything on the tax return that is selected for review. After you’ve collected all of your information, you then get to sit down with an IRS auditor and explain everything you did. Along the way, the auditor asks questions and pokes holes in what you present. If he isn’t happy with what you show him, he’ll recalculate your taxes and you’ll leave the audit with a bill for unpaid taxes plus penalties and interest.

Actually, audits are even worse than they seem. The IRS auditor knows that you’re inexperienced in dealing with this kind of matters. He also knows that you’re afraid of him and that you have no ideas of what the rules of the process are or that you even have rights during an audit. Auditors may use this to get you to share even more information with them so that they can find more issues on your return and charge you even more tax. They don’t respect your right to remain silent — in fact, the more you say, the more they profit.

If you receive a tax audit notice, call us immediately, not the IRS. Once you forward the audit notice to us, we’ll handle everything. We can contact the IRS on your behalf to find out what they’re looking for. This saves you time since you will only have to collect specific pieces of information. We’ll put it together in a format that the auditor will have trouble questioning. With us in your corner, you will personally never even meet, or speak with, the auditor.

When we sit down with the auditor, we know what your rights are and we know what not to say. Even more important, we know how to explain your return so that the auditor can understand it and let your deductions stand. In the long run, we don’t cost you money — we save you money. And, once it’s all done, our tax preparation and planning, accounting and other services can help you avoid future audits.

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